Hawar International School

A group of dedicated Bahraini professionals established Hawar International School (HIS) in 2001, with the goal to provide an excellent bilingual education from nursery and kindergarten to Grade 12 in a learner-friendly environment, while preserving the culture and heritage of the Kingdom and the Islamic society.

The school follows the American curriculum in high school and the Cambridge Curriculum from Kindergarten 2 – Grade 9.

As an international school located in Bahrain, it provides a safe, inclusive and caring environment in which young people can learn to live and work together in the spirit of harmony and mutual respect. Each student is encouraged to play an active role in school life, both in and out of the classroom.

The school also caters to special needs students, effectively accommodating their physical and learning differences. They are integrated in the mainstream classes and simultaneously assisted by an educational support unit to better address their individual challenges and competencies.

In a nutshell, HIS aims to ensure that each pupil gets a well-rounded education that will equip them to face the worldly challenges today and tomorrow.



HI please let me know about the fees of Grade 5 and Grade 4


HIS is laying the foundations for the success of future generations and strongly believes that learning today is for a better tomorrow

Address: P.O. Box 38338, West Riffa, Bahrain

Timings: 7am-3pm

Area: West Riffa

Phone: 13 666-555



School Type

  • Kindergartens & Pre-Schools
  • Primary Schools
  • Secondary Schools
  • Special Needs School


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