About The BEG

Welcome to the latest edition of the Bahrain Education & Personal Development Guide 2020 which aims to be the most comprehensive source of information on everything educational in the Kingdom.

This handy pocket guide provides carefully researched listings on private and public schools, including kindergartens, universities, colleges, specialist institutes, learning centres and related services throughout Bahrain.

For children across all age groups there is a greater range of schools and educational options available than ever before, ensuring there is an establishment to meet every requirement from teaching in a child’s mother tongue to meeting special educational needs.

There is also a huge variety of out-of-school activities available, from dance to football, some offered in specialist centres, others available through the schools themselves.

Adults too are abundantly well served with the kingdom’s wide range of universities and higher education institutes offering degrees in career-specific subjects such as medicine and law and also more broadly based topics including management, construction and the sciences.

For those who want to cultivate a particular talent there are centres for arts, music, science and languages, to name but a few.

To make the guide user-friendly, we have laid out the schools in alphabetical order and age group across both private and public sectors while other listings include subject-specific sections for ease of reference. To help parents and students make their choices we’ve also included contact telephone numbers and websites.

Bahrain has long been known for its ethnic and cultural diversity, with people from dozens of nations peacefully co-existing alongside each other and there is no greater illustration of this than in its educational institutions where children and young people, Bahraini and expat, learn together in an atmosphere of acceptance and co-operation.

The Kingdom really does have education options suitable for all, though it may require a little research. In conjunction with the guide’s release we will also be launching a dedicated website, www.bahraineducationguide.com, which is both dynamic and interactive allowing constant updates to inform you of new openings and what’s happening across the sector.

We hope you find the Bahrain Education & Personal Development Guide 2016 useful in helping you explore the full range of offerings available.


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