Kumon Bahrain

Kumon Bahrain is the only centre in the Kingdom to offer the world-renowned Kumon programmes, a powerful way of individualised learning. The combination of guided self-study material, individualised instruction and world-class materials is powerful and the centre is committed to discovering the potential of each child and guiding them to develop the skills and knowledge that will nurture confidence and a love of learning.

Kumon Bahrain opened its doors in 2000, and now, as it nears its 20th year of successful education, it has grown to three branches in Bahrain. These are located in Mahooz, Janabiya and Sanad. As well as the three physical branches, the institute also has a virtual learning department open to overseas students.

Kumon Bahrain is the only institute to consistently earn an ‘Outstanding’ rating from the Education and Training Quality Authority (BQA). It is also a leading member of the Elite Kumon Instructors, topping the ranking in both maths and English programmes in the international rating in recent years.

Kumon Bahrain branches provide a focused study environment enabling students to develop important skills such as concentration, independence and analytical thinking, alongside their mastery of the Kumon Maths and English programmes. The institute caters for learners from kindergarten to 17+ and has students from all ranges of schools across Bahrain, as its curriculum caters to all. It regularly receives referrals from Kumon parents, teachers and other education professionals. Kumon believes each child is unique, full of potential and able to learn far beyond our expectations.

All students in Bahrain can access the programmes; all ages and all abilities!

At the centres you will find a team dedicated to supporting and equipping children in pursuit of their full potential. Each student follows an individualised study programme, designed especially for them and monitored by a team of professionals and teachers. The children’s learning is always the focus within Kumon, students master each and every topic in their chosen subject, rather than just gaining superficial knowledge of it.

As the programmes involve home study, parental involvement is of prime importance.

With hundreds of students already benefiting from their time at the centre, Kumon Bahrain looks forward to continuing to serve the community in Bahrain as it enters its third decade of operation.

Kumon Bahrain offers after school programmes in Maths and English to students of all ages and all abilities. Learn life skills through the world's best supplementary education programmes.

Address: Flat 211 Avenue 20 Block 332

Area: JanabiyaMahooz,Sanad,

Timings: Sat 9am-6pm/Sun-Thu 8am-6pm

Phone: 17 659-070/ 17 741-168/ 17 006-355



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  • Languages Centres
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