Applied Science University

Applied Science University (ASU) was granted its licence by the Ministry of Education in July 2004, making it one of the first private universities in the Kingdom.

ASU aspires to become one of the leading universities in Bahrain and the wider Gulf region, aiming to support the economic and social development of the country by providing degree programmes at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. These programmes are grounded in a pedagogical framework designed to develop students’ understanding of key theories and concepts through knowledge acquisition and development of practical skills, with a focus on providing programmes in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics).

The aim is to foster life-long learning, preparing graduates for a range of career paths within their chosen field or discipline.

ASU is accredited by the Higher Educational Council (HEC) and also appears at number 45 in the QS Arab Region University Rankings, released in October 2018, making it the only private university in the Kingdom in the Top 50.

In the GreenMetric World University Ranking, ASU ranks first at the level of private universities locally, 25th at the Arab level and 692 globally. ASU is also listed in the range of 301+ by the Times Higher Education World University Impact Rankings, in a new hierarchy of global institutions based on universities’ work towards the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

In the academic year 2017/2018 ASU took further steps to distinguish itself from the competition, on a path of success and excellence, with the inauguration of four   international programmes from well-respected universities from the UK; the achievement of the ISO Certification for Quality Management; the hosting of an International Conference on Sustainable Futures featuring 65 research papers from academics in 20 countries; the publication of more than 100 research papers by academic staff; and the achievement of a record number of HEA fellowships and senior fellowships (Awarded by) Advance HE, (UK) and becoming an HEA accredited center.

ASU employs experienced and well qualified academic faculty who support student learning and the overall student experience through provision of research-informed teaching, supported by a comprehensive range of learning and assessment methods. This approach ensures that ASU graduates are well-equipped and capable of facing the challenges of their professional careers.


Applied Science University (ASU) strives to become one of the leading universities not only in the Kingdom of Bahrain but in the entire Gulf region and globally

Address: Building 166 Road 23 Block 623

Timings: Sat-Thu 8am-5pm

Area: East Al Ekir

Phone: 17 728-777



University Type

  • University (Private)


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