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The Arab Open University is an independent, non-profit Arab academic institution committed to providing educational opportunities to all segments of society in the Arab world. This is based on a blended learning system which is a combination of traditional education (with face-to-face tutorials), self-study packages and e-learning resources with systems to serve sustainable human development.

With a vision to be a pioneering institution dedicated to building the science and knowledge society, its mission is to develop and disseminate knowledge and build expertise according to international quality standards without time or geographical barriers for the sake of contributing and preparing manpower for development needs.

The Bahrain branch of the university offers three accredited academic programmes in cooperation with the Open University-UK, all of which are taught in English:

  1. BSc in Information Technology and Computing:

The labour market in the Middle East demands qualified individuals that can play a vital role in making their organisations capable of using the most advanced technology effectively. In that respect and in alignment with its mission, the Arab Open University offers a quality programme originally derived from the Open University-UK, revised keeping in mind the university’s philosophy and goals.

  1. BA in Business Admiration (Systems):

The programme aims at preparing students to meet the challenges and new developments in the business management field through well thought-out and selected courses that are meant to develop their intellectual and practical abilities and promoting their creativity, leading to personal and professional development in the future, and developing teamwork, leadership, and oral and written communication skills.

  1. BA in English Language and Literature:

The courses of this programme are mostly derived from the materials of the Open University-UK, in line with the highest international standards. It enables graduates to be competent in the fields of linguistics, English literature and translation, and qualifies them for the workplace needs.  Graduates develop an excellent command of the English language and excellent oral and written communication skills, obtain deep knowledge of the history of the English language and literature, and study some classical and contemporary literary works in poetry, fiction and drama.

Spreading the Light of Knowledge

Address: Building 890 Road 3220 Block 732

Timings: Sun-Thu 8am-3pm

Area: A'ali

Phone: 17 407-077



University Type

  • University (Private)


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