University College of Bahrain

Founded in 2002, by Dr Khalid Al-Khalifa, University College of Bahrain (UCB) is licensed by the Kingdom’s Ministry of Education and is one of Bahrain’s foremost private universities which aims to provide an international teaching and learning experience, entirely conducted in the English language. It particularly specialises in business administration, communications and information technology (IT).
Catering to students from young-adult high school graduates to professionals undertaking MBA courses, UCB provides a rigorous curriculum (based on a semester credit-hour system) in the American liberal arts tradition.

UCB is located in its own self-contained and walled purpose-built campus in Saar. On-site facilities include, – IT labs, graphic design labs and studio, multimedia lab, library, two auditoriums, learning centre and bookstore. The campus also includes special features such as virtual and wireless classrooms.

Courses offered on the undergraduate programmes are: Business Administration with the concentrations on accounting, finance, management, marketing and Islamic finance; Information Technology with the concentrations on computer science and management information systems; and Communications and Multimedia with the concentrations on graphic design, multimedia and public relations.

The current MBA programme provides two options: management and Islamic finance.

University College of Bahrain strives to provide for its students a holistic approach to education and extra-curricular activities with a strong emphasis on the philosophy that “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”.

There is a range of on-campus services and facilities available to the students which are conducive to creating a healthy environment of academic learning and development of leadership and interpersonal skills thus producing well-rounded and self-efficient graduates.

Students come from across the Gulf region and the female intake is around 55 per cent. The university has an aggressive and ambitious development programme aimed at growing both student numbers and facilities in the coming years. To date UCB has graduated more than 700 students from its Undergraduate and Postgraduate business and other programmes.

Producing Well-Rounded Graduates

Address: P.O. box 55040, Manama

Timings: Sun-Thu 8am-4pm

Area: Sa'ar

Phone: 17 790-828



University Type

  • University (Private)


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